We at Probity Research take data quality very seriously and we try leave no stone unturned to provide the best quality that is possible through our proprietary panels.

We here at Probity put quality first. Our panel is drawn from varied sources and recruited using a comprehensive collection of techniques to select unique and reactive members. An unprejudiced and a true depiction of the country’s population (census) or online – depending on the viability in each market is the basis of our panel.
Our panellists are profiled over different parameters ranging from demographics to special attributes and undergo multi-modal verification – email, mobile phone, postal address & social media – to ensure legitimacy. Some of the checks placed while recruiting panellists are:

Quality & Panel Management

  • A dedicated panel management team to keep a manual check
  • Duplicate e-mail & username checks upon registration
  • Mobile Phone number check upon registration
  • Strict quality control practices to identify and remove ambiguous/dubious data
  • Abide by ESOMAR International Code of Marketing and Social Practices
  • Industry-specific in-depth profiling
  • Trap Survey Questions
  • DOI Registration

Member Recruitment

  • Double Opt-in
  • Extensive profiling
  • Panellists are majorly recruited through online sources like Web Intercepts, Banners, Referrals, Affiliate Programs
  • In-person recruitment for tough to target groups like doctors, IT/C-level professionals

We at Probity use a complete suite of digital fingerprinting solution from SurValidate along with an In-house security tool to weed out the notorious respondents. The checks are performed on the below parameters:

IP Address Checks Proxy/Browser/TOR
Geo Location Duplicate Attempts
Cookie Check Prohibiting Click farms
Blacklisted Internet Service Providers (ISPs) Blacklisted Data Centres
Duplicate email while recruiting Bot Detection
URL Manipulation Hashed Email checks & Digital fingerprinting



SurValidate is based on an algorithm designed from extensive research expertise and understanding of industry standards. The calculation of this score considers the combined effect of the Dupe Score and Fraud Score. Below are a few checks we use to base a respondent on a Fraud/Dupe score:

  • Inconsistent time between the user’s machine and geo location.
  • Inconsistent browser and system language settings.
  • Time of day at geo location is during ‘off-peak” hours of 12am through 4am.
  • Inconsistent Operating System language and geo location settings.
  • Inconsistent browser language and geo location language settings.
  • A no longer commonly used browser detected.
  • A no longer commonly used Operating System detected.
  • Similar IP ranges detected.